Rentals Don't Have To Be Boring


I’m sure you would agree that there aren’t many agents out there who would go to market on a property for sale and not get professional photography done. I’m also sure that you wouldn’t walk in to a listing appointment and when you’re asked to explain what your plan to find a buyer is, that you respond with “well I’m going to take the photos on my phone, stick a signboard out the front and hope for the best.”

If you did, it would be career suicide and you’d quickly be looking for a new industry to work in.

Every agent you know will be able to give you a laundry list of reasons why professional real estate photography and marketing for a sales listing is essential. So why is it that when it comes to professional photography for rentals, the purse strings tighten and everyone cheapens up?

You wouldn’t do it when a sale is on the line yet rentals and property management listings aren’t given the same level of love.


Properties With Professional Photos Rent Faster

The goal for marketing a rental property should be very similar for what it is when selling a property. You want to attract attention quickly, so the property leases faster.

Owning a rental property is a business, the longer it remains vacant the more lost rental income. Professional photos draw more attention to a listing, generating more inquiries and inspections, high-quality photos mean the difference between losing a week rental income and securing the next tenant faster.

Therefore, I always encourage Property Managers to get professional photography of every management listing, and inform their clients of the benefits…. Shorter time on the market, and higher rental return. Not to mention it's better for your brand and makes you seem more professional.

Who would you be more likely to hire if you were a landlord? The agent who takes photos on their phone because they have to, or the agent who at a minimum has professional images for every one of their properties they manage because they understand how important it is and don't believe in sacrificing their level of service?

Most rental property listings look the same. Drab and dull. The key thing that makes them look like this is poor photo quality. Shooting on a smartphone or basic camera just doesn’t cut it, and when most of the market is using poor photos, your listing will quickly blur into all the others out there.

I get it. A sales listing brings with it a higher commission. I would argue though that while the management fee for a rental is much lower, that a rental is a much more important thing to have for the business than a sales listing.

I’m not crazy. Think if you ever go to sell your business and you need to come up with a figure on what it’s worth. You can’t predict the future so you can’t dictate how much (if any) sales commissions will come to your office, yet a healthy management portfolio is guaranteed income that can be around for years to come. Isn’t that worth looking after and doesn’t that client deserve the same level of effort as the sale that at the end of the day is a one off fee and that property may not come back on the market for 20 years.

This is not ok and is currently being used to advertise a rental.

This is not ok and is currently being used to advertise a rental.

Here’s The Best Bit


The following video is a product I’ve put together specifically for property management teams and rental listings as a simple yet effective way to give you a point of difference when it comes to how your next rental listing can be marketed.

I've been working on these as a way to make a slide show more visually appealing and are customisable to match your corporate colours and add some basic information because we all know not everyone reads the ad text.

These are a great concept for a management listing where marketing can be hard because as someone who spent years working as an agent myself I know you don't always have a budget.


If you want to do something different when it comes to your rental marketing hit the button below. I’m always looking at ways my clients can stand out.