Top Three Tips For Real Estate Photography Kiama & South Coast Agents Will Want To Know


Every agent I know wants one of these; a bright, warm, inviting home that screams "buy me and make me your home"

When you release your photos and go live with your new listing this is the very first opportunity that you're going to have to deliver this sale inducing message to your potential buyers. So how exactly do you do you guarantee that you're working with well-photographed homes, that practically leave buyers spellbound and reaching for their wallets? Well I'm going to share with you three tips to help you get there.

First, you need to get the property ready for its close-up. You won't show up to a wedding without a haircut and a shave. This is the same kind of thing. From the interior to the exterior, we have to make sure that every corner, every space will look picture perfect. Ideally, this will have been done days before the property (and I have a handy step by step checklist to help you) is going to be photographed. It should be weeks—or more—in advance for properties that may need more than just the usual paint job or clean-up.

The exterior should be cleared of any clutter and that pile of things to be thrown out, don't put it in the middle of the lawn! The lawn should be immaculate and appear to have been maintained regularly. The interior should look as inviting as possible. Each room being photographed should let potential buyers envision living in the property with their own family. While you might love the photo of nan and that kids that's hanging proudly in the lounge room, your potential buyer want's to picture their own family and children in the space, so removing family photos is a great step in the right direction.

It would be advisable to get an interior decorator or a professional home stager to prepare the property for real estate photography. Buyers who are relocating from Sydney to the South Coast for example are especially critical about styling and décor so property photos that look art directed would convince them more to book a visit to the place.

Second, make your photos real and spend less time on touch ups. The easy option is to make real estate photos appear more magnificent and gorgeous with the aid of software like Photoshop. However, it is always better to capture the real beauty of the property without executing trickery or special effects. It's ALWAYS better to get it right at the time of shooting than relying on a computer to do the work later when we have less control over the results. Moreover, processing can take time. So make sure shots are taken in the best angles and in the best light.

A great example of a well presented, professionally photographed space.

A great example of a well presented, professionally photographed space.

Finally, hire a professional real estate photographer like Shutter Speed Studios and you can guarantee every shot will be mesmerising. Professional real estate photographers not only have the best equipment, but they also have the skills to produce stunning property photos every time, with every listing.

They’ll know how to compose their shots in a way that provides buyers with enough information about each room and how each one connects to the other without the benefit of seeing a floor plan. They’ll know what angles to use so that every element is brought into the architecture of each room. They’ll know how to avoid problem spots and enhance the look of each space.

Buying a home is generally a process determined by emotions. Nothing spurs buyers to become owners of the property you’re selling quite like stunning real estate photography. And nothing turns them away faster than photos that don't look good.

To make sure that you're getting enticing and captivating property photos on every one of your listings use these top three tips and hit the make a booking button to take the first step to your next sale.

Ben Greaves