Why Video is a Must for Holiday Rentals in Kiama, Gerringong and the South Coast


Many of us shudder, break into a cold sweat and shrink into our skin with just the thought of putting ourselves on video. Then there's the thought of having to see and hear ourselves. Why would we ever voluntarily put ourselves through that!?

Anyone that knows me professionally knows that I'm a big supporter of creating video and photo content, there's simply no better way to build trust, reputation and showcase yourself. I could talk to you ad nauseam about the benefits of video marketing but I didn't want this post to be just about me.

Here's what Jess Ashworth from Lodgify, an all in one holiday rental platform shared when she was asked about why holiday rental owners need to use video in their marketing.

3 Reasons Owners Need Video Content for Their Holiday Rental

It's 2019. There's no escaping it no matter how hard we try. We’re well and truly living in the age of the internet. The answers to all our worldly questions are readily available almost instantly thanks to Google. We can share photos with friends and family on the other side of the world in real time using social networks like Facebook and Instagram; and we can watch videos of just about anything on YouTube. Yes, including cat videos.

That last point, however, is what we’re going to focus on – video content. Just how much can video bring visits to your holiday rental listing and convince guests to choose your holiday rental over everyone else’s? Read on for our top three reasons owners need to start utilizing video for their holiday rental.

1. Video shows an accurate representation of your property

Video has the power to go above and beyond what only a photograph can do. Not only does a great video of your rental give your potential guests a three-dimensional view of the property they could be staying in, but it also helps them get a realistic feel for the space and layout of your home. I tell my clients all the time, you can't "photoshop" a video (generally speaking). So it's a lot harder to stretch the truth when it comes to what we are seeing when it comes to video content.

The possibilities of what you can achieve with video are almost endless. Shooting your property from different perspectives will allow you to show it off in its entirety – without compromising and having to choose the best bits. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying great professional photography doesn't have it's place. It most certainly does. What I'm saying is that videos are the perfect accompaniment to an already impressive set of high quality photographs. So realistically speaking, you need to think about both when it comes to marketing your rental.

Video is a special extra that helps the guest picture exactly what their stay will be like as they can really imagine themselves having a bite to eat at the breakfast bar, or splashing around on a warm summer’s day in the pool.

What’s more, using video allows you to, quite literally, walk your guests around your home, so they’re familiar with the property before they even arrive. Not to mention can help build their excitement of what they are about to experience. This is even more of a plus if you use automated check-in services, as the virtual tour could be sent through to the guest with the pre check-in correspondence.

If you want to keep it basic, have you considered simply doing a Facebook Live video or Instagram Story of your property? Be sure to use a handheld gimbal (which are reasonably inexpensive these days) to keep your phone steady as you walk.

Here's a great example of this by Tyann Marcink of a video she did of No Big Ting in Grand Cayman when she was there to photograph it. It's pretty straight forward and easy for you to do your own.

2. Video allows guests to see the real you

As well as showing off your property in the best light (literally), video gives holiday rental owners the chance to introduce themselves in a more personable manner. Adding an “about us” video to your website could really help boost your booking conversion because guests will feel like they’re getting to know you, building trust with you before they even arrive.

After all, it’s much easier to give a good impression and convey your personality through video than it is on photos, and a fun introductory clip could even persuade indecisive guests that you’re the friendly-faced host they’ve been looking for!

Here's another video from Tyann that she sends to each and every guest who inquires about her properties. Pretty neat right?

3. Video helps give you authority about the location

The videos you host on your website are in no way limited to your rental and you as the owner. When you include semi-promotional videos about your location itself, it can give you big kudos in the online world. After all, it's not JUST about your amazing property. What is it about the area itself that's going to make someone want to come and stay there?

Not only will your location-based videos be seen by those who have already arrived on your website, but they could also help bring traffic in from elsewhere when travelers search for specific terms. Given that 80% of YouTube searches focus on destinations, points of interest and general travel ideas, this is a niche owners should really be tapping into!

Drawing attention to all the great things your city or neighborhood have to offer – in video form – can also help put your rental name out there as the “go to” fountain of knowledge for all things South Coast and Kiama related.

Show off all the top attractions and nearby highlights at a glance, such as activities guests can do, places they can eat, attractions they can visit. Your videos can really help viewers feel like they’re on holiday already by giving them a snapshot of what their experience will be like.

Having your personal recommendations on video will help your guests once they’ve arrived at your rental, too. They’ll be able to pinpoint must-visit places and ask you exactly where the video was shot. This insider information is something that not many holiday rental owners provide (yet), but REALLY adds to the guest experience and makes renting a holiday home a lot more enjoyable.

For example, here's a fun little video I filmed of holiday makers in Minnamurra jumping into the river off the local bridge. A must do for anyone who's staying nearby.

So there you have it. If you REALLY want to make the most of your holiday rental, hit the button below and get in touch. It will make to your bookings, your guests and your wallet ;-).

Ben Greaves