Floor Plans



The floorplan is an essential selling tool that gives buyers the facts they need to determine if they will attend an open house or even buy site unseen.  When you make a booking I will determine whether it is a small medium or large plan by the number of bedrooms and levels the home has. I will then obtain an aerial image of the property either via Six Viewer Maps or with a drone which I will then use to determine the exact site boundaries and sketch the floor plan within these boundaries. If a site plan is ordered these areal images will be used to help me plot the landscaping and external features of the home.

Room by room the house is measured (My floor plans are accurate to within 2mm over a distance of 60m), along with annexes, garden spaces (there are limitations with outdoor spaces), pools, garages and/or allocated car spaces. There are however limitations that will be adhered to. I cannot measure crawl spaces and a room can only be classified as a bedroom if it has a window and it’s own entry point. I.e the only point of access cannot be via another room.

If you have an existing builders plan I also offer a re-draw service in these scenarios to make these simpler for a prospective purchaser to understand.

Whether you wish to keep it black and white or add a splash of colour and texture, 2D floor plans are a traditional yet essential component of each property marketing campaign. To complete the picture, a skilfully drawn floor plan offers a detailed description of a property’s greater structural layout to the finer decorative fixtures.


Want something a bit more special to stand out FROM THE CROWD? Immersive 3D floor plans are the thing for you!

When executed well, digital media creates a strong emotional bond between the buyer and a property, increasing their emotional attachment to a property.

Trying to communicate what a home ‘feels’ like can only partially be told through the traditional mediums of photography, video and floor plans. Earlier virtual tours were restricted to one location in the property and the only way you could truly experience the home was to attend an open house inspection. Those times are a thing of the past. Recent leaps in visual technology have enhanced the power of the standard real estate campaign. Buyers can now experience a property 'virtually' like never before.

Imagine being able to see your new home or development project without it even being built! That’s what 3D floor planning can do for you. A 3D floor plan is a virtual version of the home or development you plan on building or renovating, or they can easily be done for existing homes that just want to stand out in a saturated marketplace.

With a 3D floor plan you are given a birds-eye view of the architecture, with ceilings removed so as to show you the layout inside the home or unit or development. 3D Floor planning is used by architects, developers and home owners as it helps to ensure you get the best results for your project and lets you visualize the end result without having to wait months for the build to be completed.