Interior Design / Stylist Photography


Photography is the number one factor in transient decisions for clients to choose your product over another on the web or marketing materials. One of the most powerful marketing assets a company can have is up to date, accurate and well styled photography.

It's also the number one thing I see interior stagers get wrong.

A common mistake I see made all the time with interior designers and property stagers is they rely on the images taken by the real estate agent's photographer.  The problem with this is you have no control over your brand and what your future clients are going to see when they look at your marketing material. If you work with 10 different agents and they all have different photographers you’ve got 10 different styles of how your images are going to look.

Stop doing this now, you are costing yourself money.


Real estate photos 99% of the time are wide shots to show an overall space and do little to show the detail you've put in to your hard work. Look through any interiors magazine and you will quickly see that interior design and styling images are far more intimate and get in close to show the details and create a much more emotional connection with the viewer.

Unlike any typical real estate photographer, I look to tell a story with my images to emotionally engage with the end clients that are inspecting the property. Each of my interior photographs are designed to entice and seduce with their lighting, mood and energy. I have dedicated the better part of 15 years in how to shoot interior photography how to take inside pictures and how to photograph a room.

I have a very specific style of both shooting and editing that I have created specifically for interior designers and property stagers. Known as the India Collection these images will bring back the emotion and feeling that is so often lost when just using photos you’ve gotten from a real estate agent.

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