Real Estate Photography in Kiama & Wollongong


It's true when they say "you don't get second chances at first impressions" and when you're dealing with someones most valuable asset it's more than just money on the line. It's your commission, it’s your reputation and your livelihood.  You can't afford to not get this stuff right!

I believe that high quality real estate photography and marketing should be affordable regardless of your budget. I also believe it should be delivered with the goal of helping you, the agent, meet your personal goals and objectives, and drive your own business growth.

To put it simply my goal is to make your job easier and give both you, and your clients a better experience when it comes to property marketing. If we can create some cool stuff and have a bit of fun along the way, even better.


I have over 17 years experience in real estate marketing. After starting my career spending 8 years as a commercial sales agent I decided to move on and dedicate my time to creating high quality, affordable real estate marketing.

I've worked with some of Australia’s leading agencies including top performing offices from McGrath, Belle, Ray White, Raine & Horne, LJ Hooker, Century 21, Harcourts and First National Real Estate as well as smaller boutique agencies all across greater Sydney and more recently,Wollongong, Kiama, Shellharbour and the Illawarra .

I've also worked with the biggest real estate marketing companies in Sydney. I’ve seen what works, and what falls short when it comes to the products that some of these companies offer and the client relationships that get built. Generally speaking these relationships start and finish with management and a sales team and fail on the job. There can often times be no relationship between the photographer and the agent. What this ultimately leads to is a photographer that's not invested in helping your business and is simply pressing buttons and collecting a pay cheque. 

How  can you trust a photographer will strive to make your property look its best when there isn’t that level of trust that comes with a strong working relationship?


I use this approach to deliver real estate marketing solutions designed to not only sell property, but also with the specific goal of helping my clients increase their own personal brand, their corporate profile and increase their market share. I want my clients to not only trust my product, but have a level of faith in me and what I offer that they know they wont find the same elsewhere and working with someone else simply isn’t an option.


Working with me

First and foremost I do more for my clients than “just” take photos.

When it comes to my clients, you focus on your business. I’ll focus on you.

My aim is to work with you, find out what your business goals and objectives are and together, look at ways we can set you apart from your competition. I’m always looking at different things that my clients can do to add value to their marketing campaigns and boost their personal brand and business profile.

Every agent I talk with says they want to do something different. Not all will act on it and I genuinely want every client I work with to be successful.

When I arrive at any property to shoot I always have one simple goal in mind;

To showcase that property in it’s best form and make someone go out of their way to find out more about it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 2 bedroom apartment or a multi million dollar Oceanside mansion. The goal remains the same. My job is to help you get people in the door.

Let’s be real. If my photos aren’t enough to make someone attend an open home, an agent doesn’t have a chance to sell them that property. So basically, bad photos mean no inspection, which means no negotiation, no sale and no money. It’s a simple as that. So there’s a lot riding on making sure I make a property look great!

I strategically analyse the flow and layout of a home to capitalise on space and natural light. This process helps to increase someones attachment to the home and maximise its appeal to the buying market. That isn’t always getting in a corner and making a room look as big as possible. Whenever I walk into a room, the first thing I’m thinking about is composition. I’m looking to create free flowing spaces with straight lines.

Those are the powerful images people connect with.

Before I take a single photo I have a conversation with an agent and go for a walk together to determine the home’s finest selling points. Once the key rooms, features and angles are identified each shot will be styled appropriately for the composition.  This simple step is something I see a lot of photographers not doing.  They arrive on site, pull a camera out straight away and start frantically shooting off images. Not only does this reflect poorly on the agent to their vendor, it’s not the way that will get the best results.

Using professional top of the line camera gear I take multiple exposures per room. This ensures the colours and brightness are correct and provides my retouchers with enough detail to polish up images perfectly.

Technically and creatively superior, all my photos go through a stringent quality control process. My retouchers spend between 20 and 30 minutes per image using high-end monitors to match colours as accurately as possible. Having images back on your desk by close of the next business day is standard procedure. 

If there is anything that I want to be known for it’s realistic, beautiful property images delivered in unbeatable turnaround times. You won't find me shooting, weddings or babies. It's not what I do. I'm your Kiama, South Coast & Illawarra specialist in high end real estate photography, architectural photography, photography for builder and commercial interiors photography.

A short example highlighting the work that goes into editing some of my real estate images.