Video Marketing for Agents & Builders in Kiama, Wollongong & the south coast


Create a deep emotional connection between buyers or potential build clients and your properties.

An elite property video will take viewers on a cinematic journey, igniting their aspirations and positioning the home as an exclusive lifestyle opportunity.

Make no mistake about it. Videos are now an integral component of marketing and according to this study by Cisco 80% of all internet traffic will be driven by video by 2019. Well guess what, it's 2019 so what are you waiting for?

A beautifully produced property video is a powerful online medium that reaches more people than ever before. Home buyers are not only entertained but they absorb more information about the property as they sit back and enjoy the journey.Adding video to a marketing campaign has been proven to keep buyers or potential clients if you're a builder, longer on your website, increase their interaction and connection to the property via social media shares and help boost your SEO. Leading agents and agencies are savvy to video’s strategic benefits and use this promotional tool across their entire marketing campaign.

It also helps build trust. Trust that you can deliver on what you promise your clients, trust that you believe in quality above everything else and trust that YOU are the right person for the job.

“When A Video Makes You Feel So Emotional You Want To Cry – Well That’s Something You Remember. We Have Seen Incredible Views, Reach And Engagement As A Result!” Kate McCullagh, Di Jones

So much more than a 3D virtual tour, videos transport the viewer into the home so they can imagine a new life in the stunning property and its grounds. The impact of strong emotional engagement lift market price expectations to an exclusive level, and often see properties selling in a shorter time period.

In a recent interview Shayne Hutton from Sydney Country Living had this to say about his use of video

“This New Style Of Video Is Getting Us Better Inquiries From Buyers Who Seem To Have An Understanding Of The High Price Point Of These Premium Properties. It’s Driving Demand For The Properties As Well As Our Own Brand.” Shayne Hutton, Sydney Country Living

Cinematic quality

Cinematic storytelling will captivate viewers with a digital, aspirational gateway that places the viewer in the home and entices an emotional connection to a new way of life.

To make a powerful video you need a customised and personal marketing approach. I use my experience in the film industry having worked with some of the best film makers in the business to bring classic and innovative cinematic techniques to create prestige videos that entertain, educate and inspire.

I use this experience to not just make a video, but to tell a story that will engage people. The video’s end result will be determined by the quality and professionalism of the direction, lighting and editing. It is with these skills that Shutter Speed Studios can evoke an impassioned response from potential homebuyers and clients.

Creativity at the Core

I’m always passionate about the creative process. There is no formula to artistic expression and you can't "force" a story. As cliche as it sounds I take into account the unique features of any property I film and focus on letting the property tell its own story. I’m looking for light, angles, the flow of a home and how the property is going to stand out in a crowded market place.

Sharing the experience

An elite property video elevates the property, your personal brand and your business.

Vendors will benefit from the additional campaign reach and elite status attached to their exclusive home.

Buyers get to experience the home’s beautiful lifestyle and gain a true understanding of its market value.

Potential builders clients will be sold that you are the only home builder they can trust to create their most prised possession. All those that view the video will want to share it with their social networks, friends and family.

Take advantage of how video can make you the only logical solution.

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