Who Am I?

My obsession for photography started as a teenager when I picked up my dad’s Practika Super TL 1000 for the very first time.  Much like renowned cinematographer Spike Jonze who went on to direct Being John Malkovich and Where The Wild Things Are, my interests revolved around skateboarding and other action sports.

Entirely self taught, there was no Google or Youtube when I first looked through a viewfinder. I’d take that manual camera and shoot away without having a clue what I was doing. The fact that any of my photos actually turned out is something I still cant explain. My settings on that camera were nothing short of a complete guess every single time.

As my skills developed I upgraded to a digital Pentax K100D, a kids camera in hindsight. I still didn’t know what I was doing, but I loved to shoot and would ride all over Sydney looking for buildings to basically ride my bike on. When I stumbled across the abandoned buildings throughout Sydney I became interested in showing a well known building in a way that nobody has seen it before. I’ve got photos inside places that most of Sydney would kill to visit. All because my camera took me there.

When it came to “getting a real job” I took the love for buildings a step further and moved into commercial real estate and yet again the camera followed. The difference now was I’d made the conscious decision to learn how to take a good photo and something someone would not only want to see, but would pay for.  I’m still the only real estate agent I know who spent $15,000 on camera gear so he could take his own photos because his vendors didn’t want to pay for marketing! After 8 years of shooting and selling real estate I realised I loved to shoot far more than I loved to sell it. 

Now in my thirties and this camera has taken me places I only could have imagined. Again, like Spike Jonze, it took me to the film and tv industry where I went from working on local productions like Home & Away and Packed to the Rafters to the big screen where I spent a few months working on the Marvel Comics movie The Wolverine.

Currently in Kiama on the south coast of Sydney, where I sit overlooking my balcony out at the ocean where I’ll be working with the builders, architects, real estate agents, restaurants and café’s to create something stunning to represent their business.


Who am I?