Architectural Photography & Photography For builders in Kiama & Wollongong


As a builder in Kiama or Wollongong you're most likely familiar with the following workflow. You win a job, finish the project and hand it over to a client, then go looking for the next project.

Let me ask you this. When the time comes to sell your building services to a new client how do you show your clients the work you have done in the past and how do you show your new clients your capabilities? Sure, you tell them and you'll show them some renders but don't you wish there was something more?

To put it simply my main objective is to make your job easier and give you a better experience when it comes to marketing your work. There are a lot of talented builders in our market that do some amazing work that deserves to be shown off in the right way.

If we can create some cool stuff and have a bit of fun along the way, even better.

So how do we do that?

The answer is to use professional photos and video presented in a way that makes your work stand out from every other builder that your client is considering speaking to. The secret, is to get to them while they're still in the decision making process, before it's too late.

I already hear you. Builders are busy people right?  You probably spend long hours managing construction projects, hiring staff, managing budgets and dealing with customers, the list is nearly endless. I’ll help you improve your local reputation with compelling marketing by creating visually beautiful promotional materials to highlight your latest project and increase enquiries.

I also have a marketing solution just for builders that makes the process of preserving and showcasing your work quick, easy and affordable with minimal fuss and little thought required on your behalf.

Part of this process and more is discussed in the free guide I wrote specifically to help builders with their marketing that you can get a free copy of here.


My Philosophy

I specialise in photography for builders and I take my craft very seriously. Photography is an important part in what I do and I’m constantly striving to be at the top of my game.  It’s true that anyone can take a photo but creating a great image that resonates with someone and more importantly an image that sells, is something I’ve dedicated the better part of 18 years toward.

I care less about how a space ‘looks’ and more about how a space ‘feels’ and that’s something that my clients respond to. On every shoot, whether it’s home or a commercial environment I strategically analyse the flow and layout to capitalise on space and natural light. This process helps to increase the size of a space and maximise its appeal.  My aim is for your eye to naturally lead from one point of the space to the other. That goes for everything – whether it’s colours, shapes or lighting - everything has to be complementing everything else. You don’t want your eyes to be stuck in one place or go somewhere they shouldn’t

The objective of any advertising is to hold the viewer’s attention for an extra few seconds, long enough to get your message across

When I arrive on a shoot, initially I don’t even pick up the camera. I take a slow walk around and just look. This applies to outside too, I might even walk down the street to find the right angle. It’s a crucial step some photographers don’t do. They start straight away and overshoot – maybe three angles per room and they miss the good angles.


It doesn't matter if it's been a shoot for an international retailer, an award winning Kiama or Wollongong home builder, or a mum and dad cafe. This approach to a shoot pays off massively and benefits everyone and that's what makes my clients happy.

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